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Building 8-Bit Computer Parts List

Building 8-Bit Computer Parts List

I was recently at the San Diego Maker Faire and I came across a interesting booth.

John Wolf was sitting in front of his 8-bit computer that he made out of logic gates.  I was very excited to see this and quickly began asking him questions about how he built this.  He has a great set of slides that I’ll link to here that explain everything about what he did.

His work was based off of Ben Eater’s tutorial about building the 8-bit computer.  Ben goes into great detail in his YouTube videos about how each part works.

I decided I wanted to try and build a 8-bit computer for my self, however the first challenge is finding all the parts.  There is a parts list on Ben’s site but some of the links are outdated or I have found better deals on other sites.  Below is my parts list for the 8-bit computer.

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