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Amazon S3 | Batch processing of image files

Amazon S3 | Batch processing of image files

At work, we store all of our images on Amazon S3.  This allows us to have a reliable storage point where we can host millions of photos.

We store a couple different sizes of images, so the Amazon S3 buckets (folders) are named by the different image sizes we keep.  As a new feature, we started saving a larger image size whenever anyone uploaded a new photo through our site so that new bucket (1680px wide) needed to be back filled with the largest image size we stored for all previous images (1200px wide).

As I looked into this, there is no batch process on Amazon that allows you to send them a large list of keys and a command to run on those keys.  A program must be written to do this instead.

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Android App | Circle Game

Android App | Circle Game

I have created a small Android App game that can be installed by downloading the APK file below on your phone (It’s not on the Google Play Store).


The objective of this game is to memorize the locations of circles as more and more of them show on the screen.  Click the newest circle that is drawn on the screen to increase your score.  It seems simple enough, although as more and more circles are drawn on the screen figuring out where the new one is becomes a harder challenge! 🙂

To install the game, make sure you have a Android phone and click here to download the APK game file.

After it is downloaded please follow the steps listed here to install the game.